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Made For Senior Living

Choosing a retirement home is a stressful process for both the senior and their family. Rampant stories of poor living conditions at facilities have left people apprehensive. A virtual tour of your retirement home gives you a competitive edge by directly eliminating many of those concerns.


Attract More Seniors

It's incredibly hard to choose the right senior living facility for you or your loved one, especially if you are looking from afar. Connects 360 offers a great way to decide. Learn how our tools can help below, and contact us to get started today!

With Virtual Tours and Photography

Virtual tours offer a better view all around (pardon the pun). Users will be able to feel as if they are at the specified senior living facility taking a personal tour. You can get an idea of the layout, the spaces, and see how everything connects much better with virtual tours. Plus, you'll get higher-quality leads since those who did not like what they saw won't contact you, saving you time in the long run.



Attract More Seniors With Geofence Marketing

Let's face it, there's only a certain segment of the population who is looking for a senior living facility. So how do you target just that particular audience? Connects 360 has incorporated geofencing technology so you can ensure you are reaching the market segment that will yield you the most inquiries and customers.

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Marketing Services

Essentially, if you are not maximizing your digital marketing avenues, you are behind because, odds are, your customers are. Seniors who are using social media, email, news sites, and the internet are growing, so you are missing a huge opportunity by sticking to more traditional marketing tactics.

Attract More Seniors With Direct Mail

Direct mail still works. Why? For seniors, they are of the generation who still loves to receive and send mail. Plus, with less businesses investing in direct mail advertising, there is much less competition for your readers' attention. Think of how excited you get when you receive actual physical mail? Learn more with us today.

Connects 360 believes in taking a comprehensive approach to your senior living marketing. Our view is all-encompassing, a 360-degree view, in fact. We leverage all marketing avenues so you can be successful and help the most people. Get started today!


Steve S.

Waconia, MN

Professional and straightforward, Connect 360 targeted traffic and effectively reduced campaign costs while increasing sales.

Tiffany O.

Baltimore, MD

Connects 360 handles my direct mail. The process is extremely easy and user-friendly. They not only help get me quality targeted data but they also handle the creative, print, postage and mailing. I have also recommended them to my friends and I would not hesitate to recommend them again in the future.

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