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Marketing Strategy

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Senior Living


Choosing a retirement home is a stressful process for both the senior who is moving and their family. Rampant stories of poor living conditions and caretaking at facilities have left people apprehensive. A virtual tour of your retirement home gives you a competitive edge by directly eliminating many of those concerns.



Technology changes daily and a great example is the popularity of the smartphone. It seems like a fight to the top on google search pages. Even if you get that coveted first-page google slot, how does that convert into increased business? What can you do, that the competition isn't? Increase your search results with virtual tours.



Leverage the entire Google ecosystem to create your strong online presence, making sure your services get discovered. A 360º virtual tour of your business will give you a significant advantage over your competitors by inviting your potential customers to experience your services. Convert online searches to in-store visits!

Health Care


In the past healthcare organizations have welcomed patients and community to attend open houses and other special events, but this just doesn’t work anymore. Today hospitals and health systems recreate the traditional open house environment with a convenient virtual tour. This helps prospective patients get to know your staff, your facility, and your services.

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