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Perfect for Transportation & Metro Systems

Connects 360 is bringing innovative marketing technologies to new industries. One of our most notable applications, perhaps, is the work we've done with Metro System clients. Discover how we've helped Metro Systems and other clients bring more value to their customers.


With Virtual Tours and Photography

Using Google's Street View Technology, Connects 360 created an interactive virtual tour system for the inside of Metrorail stations. Dubbed "StationView", this technology makes it possible for Metro customers to more easily navigate the insides of rail stations. StationView is one of the many ways Connects 360 is using innovative technology to increase efficiency and user experience.


Geofence Marketing

Connects 360 has some of the most advanced geofence marketing capabilities in the world. Using our industry-leading capabilities, we can aid companies in marketing to potential customers based on the place they physically visit and on the journey they travel. This gives businesses a whole new way to draw in new clients and consumers.

Virtual Tour Metro Systems

Marketing Services

Using research-informed techniques, Connects 360 can help planes, trains, buses, and auto services effectively market to whatever demographic they need to reach to be successful. Our Geofencing services are one aspect of our approach, but we have solutions for landing page services, digital ad creation, websites and other online applications.

Direct Mail

In addition to our digital marketing services, Connects 360 offers more traditional paper mail advertising solutions. Utilizing the EDDM service via USPS to reach consumers in targeted urban areas helps strategically expand company's reach. Using this method is also less expensive per piece than standard mail.


Steve S.

Waconia, MN

Professional and straightforward, Connect 360 targeted traffic and effectively reduced campaign costs while increasing sales.

Tiffany O.

Baltimore, MD

Connects 360 handles my direct mail. The process is extremely easy and user-friendly. They not only help get me quality targeted data but they also handle the creative, print, postage and mailing. I have also recommended them to my friends and I would not hesitate to recommend them again in the future.

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