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A picture is worth 1,000 words.

A virtual tour is worth 1,000 pictures.

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At Connects 360, we utilize the entire Google Eco-system to make sure your business gets noticed! Connects 360 Virtual Tours is a digital marketing tool that increases your online presence with Google. The customer receives a professionally-made 360 Virtual Tour of their business complete with professional HDR photos. Only Google certified photographers that meet rigid standards are qualified to come out and capture the essence of your business via photographs that are ultimately transformed into a stunning virtual 360 tour that portrays "the best of the best" of your business. By the time viewers have gone through the Virtual Tour, they have a solid grasp of your business, what you offer and it's been presented in such a way that makes them twice as interested in your business than before the Virtual Tour.

This affordable service for businesses of all sizes provides you with a stunning, visual piece that is now able to be used on your website. It's your product to use how you please. There are no long-term contracts and...

Get noticed

Connects 360 Virtual Tours offers a great view of your local business online. When searching for a local business, 97% use Google. If you are looking to increase your business, why not do it the easy way, using Connects 360 Virtual Tours. This is a great solution for speeding up your business prospects. Having a great product is one thing, but you need a way for people to find you and beat down your door.

Connects 360 Virtual Tours gets people into your store by letting them peek inside. This virtual tour will show up on Google maps, Plus, Search and increases your visibility to the world.

This virtual tour on Google has been proven to convert online searches into visits to your store. Local certified Google photographers will capture your business with a 360 degree walking tour. This has been shown to be effective, because 59% of customers will visit a store on the same day it is viewed online! The visual aspect of...

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They arrive at a new business. They're in unfamiliar territory, and they're scared of this new feeling. This is what most customers feel before they come into your office.

Now, with Connects 360 Virtual Tours, your business can calm potential customers.

Here's how:

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Preparing For the New Digital Norm: Business after COVID-19

In an effort to curtail the global spread of COVID-19, medical experts have advised against non-essential activities, particularly ones with large gatherings. The world has responded by very rapidly ramping up the integration of digital applications in daily life. One such application, virtual touring, can play an essential role. The use of a virtual tour platform can attract an online customer base to ‘walk through’ a guided tour of a specific venue and review all provided amenities.

Virtual tours also provide prospective clients with a detailed look at businesses from the comfort of their own homes. The Connect 360 Virtual Tour creates a comprehensive experience, complete with audio and video features, labeling, navigation, and detailed photography. Witness the capabilities of a virtual tour for yourself.

Connects 360 provides a demo for review. Schedule a tour to view our service...

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You've been thinking about it for a while; it's a video game coffee bar, or an anime themed nail salon, or a rock star dog groomers! Whatever your concept, it's unique, so much so that you've been plagued with people saying things like "I don't get it," or "I can't visualize it." But you didn't let that deter you. You've had the vision, hitched a plan to it, and have opened your very own offbeat business.

Now what?

It used to be that it was all about location, and businesses would rely on foot traffic to gain new customers. But in an age of COVID-19 and where 85% of consumers are finding local businesses online, gone are the days of passing out flyers or silly mascots on the street. In fact, of those searching for local businesses, 97% of them use Google, meaning a consumer is more likely to be walking down your street virtually than physically. That's why you need a service like Connects 360 Virtual Tours to enhance your online presence.

Especially as an owner of a unique business, your customer base is...

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Growth is one of the top priorities of any business. And why not? Growth is an indication of success, right? Well, if you're looking for a great way to expand and get your brand out there, look no further than Google Street View Trusted. Google My Business services are designed to help you grow your business, attract more customers and get better local search rankings. Here are a few ways they do that.

Our Google's certified photographers will take photos of your business, and prepare a tour package that will be available on Google Search, Google Maps, Google Plus, and many other places. With several options available, you're sure to find one the that best meets your needs.

As part of the tour package, they can also include "point of interest" photos of specific areas of your shop. The first five photos are free, with any subsequent photos offered at a discounted rate as part of the package. All photos are subject to inspection, to ensure the highest quality.

You'll receive copies of all photos and videos taken,...

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Today announced Geo-Conversion Lift, an upgrade to industry-leading Geo-Fencing with Conversion Zones solution. With Geo-Conversion Lift, advertisers gain understanding and insights about how their mobile ad campaigns drive incremental foot traffic into physical locations.

Advertisers of all types and sizes are increasingly demanding attribution models that show how ads served on mobile devices influence physical visits to stores and other locations. This data is vitally important to advertisers as, according to research by JLL, more than 92 percent of shopping in the U.S. is still done in brick and mortar stores.’s Geo-Conversion Lift is a new dashboard in the Reporting and Analytics center that enables advertisers to measure the increase in foot traffic to a desired location by users who have been served ads in the campaigns. This is measured against a baseline of users who have not been served ads. Key metrics clients can access via...

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Are you looking to increase visits to your web page leading to more customers visiting your business location? Connects 360° can enhance your online presence and help you grow your business with Google Street View Trusted. Utilizing the entire Google ecosystem, Connects 360° will transform search results for your business from simply informative to interactive and inviting! Here is what Google Street View Trusted can do for your business:

Stand out among competitors in online searches

Google Street View Trusted not only brings customers to your web page but gives them a sneak-peek into your business. Google Maps, Google Plus, Google Street View, and Google Search will all lead your online customers to an inviting walking tour of your business. Gone are the days of simply showing a street-view of your business. Customers will see indoor photos and maps, 3D Mapping, and get turn-by-turn directions to your location. Google Street View Trusted will set you apart from the others by providing your customers...

Sharing through the cloud

Would your business like a piece of the tourism industry? Did you know that, according to USA Today, there were 76,329 flights just in the USA within a 24-hour period of time? People travel. Tourism reaches every person, every state, and every country. Share your business with the world, and watch your business grow!

Regardless of your specific business industry, tourists find themselves in unfamiliar places with the sudden need to live normally while also experiencing all a community has to offer. Batteries, hotel accommodations, local cuisine, family entertainment, night life, shopping, etc.... Tourists will always be searching for information while they travel, most of whom are a part of the 97% of people using Google.

Through making use of the entire Google ecosystem with Google Street View Trusted, you will create a stronger online presence for your business. The result is optimized local searches,...

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In the 1980's, people who wanted to compare prices on a product might have driven from store to store to check price-tags. If they were savvy, they might have sat with a yellow pages on their lap and called stores one-by-one.

They might also have had big hair and worn pantsuits.

Those days are gone. Today's customers expect to do most of their shopping online. They want the ability to visit your store in their pajamas. Google Street View Trusted helps them to achieve that goal. Google Street View Trusted makes the interior of your business part of the online landscape.

Being able to see the interior of a business can increase trust and drive sales. If you are a restaurant, bar or other social venue, customers can use Google Street View Trusted to see your space and confirm that it fits the needs of their next event. They can perform a virtual tour of your location and gain familiarity with your interior. Familiarity drives trust and trust encourages customers to add your business to their mental list of places...

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If you haven't already turned to Google Street View to maximize your business's exposure, you may be making a big mistake. Without a properly maintained internet presence, rival businesses with more internet savvy could snag your potential customers. With the help of Google My Business you can give your search engine optimization a boost, allowing clients to look inside your business, receive helpful directions, and read reviews - all from the comfort of home. With greater visibility and more of your pertinent information readily available, customers will walk into your business with the confidence of having done their research.

Google My Business services have been proven to increase business in ways that no traditional marketing strategy can accomplish. Instead of overwhelming your potential customers with outbound marketing that may go completely ignored you provide the tools to create a successful search in your favor. Google Street View Trusted gives you this power by implementing a combination of 360 walking tours,...

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One of the most frequently asked questions that we get here at Connects 360° is "How can potential customers find me more easily online?" The key is rather simple. Improving your SEO, or Search Engine Optimization, which is what determines how high you rank in local searches.

To improve your SEO, one of the first steps that you need to take is to claim and verify your Google My Business listing. Make sure to fully complete your profile! Being accurate and consistent with your information, can and will heighten your online presence. Customers will be more inclined to commit when they have more information readily available.

Second, you want to boost customer reviews on Google. As often as you can, encourage your customers to review your products and/or services on Google. Sure, this will open the door to negative reviews. Don't get discouraged, though, as this can actually increase trust in your brand that you are being fully transparent! Make sure to always quickly and apologetically respond to any negative reviews and try to resolve any issues, if...

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We are huge fans of Google Street View and even bigger fans of virtual tours. The convenience of being able to tour a location from your screen isn't just exciting, it's great for business.

As a trusted Google agency, we offer our clients the ability to showcase their scenery, décor, ambiance, and amenities with a virtual tour displayed on Google Search, Google Maps, their website, Facebook pages and more. Of course, seeing this in action is always better than reading about it, especially when it comes to visuals, so to help show you how virtual tours work, we've created a showcase portfolio of different business types for you to check out for yourself.

Listed on our showcase are nine different facilities ranging from auto dealers to senior living communities. Through each of these different virtual tours, you'll be able to get a good look at how effective this is for getting a visual grasp on each location. You don't need any special software to view them either, which is one the best aspects of virtual tours powered...

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Virtual Tours for Retirement Homes: Providing First-Person Marketing

The retirement home you own may feel besieged lately with competitors who constantly come up with creative marketing ideas. Yet, how many of them provide virtual tours to their customers? Not all retirement homes have gone this route, and it's going to give you a marketing edge over competitors in your city.

While it might sound risky to create a virtual tour for those older, it's actually very simple to use. With automatic placement into Google search engines, those searching for retirement homes can find your tour directly in their search results. Through one click, they'll see your facility in a new way.

The question is, what kind of interactive experience should you create for your target audience?

A First-Personal Marketing Perspective

Those looking for retirement homes want to see reality rather than just rely on a few pictures and word-of-mouth. Older people and their families might not have ability to travel to your facility right away...

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Technology makes huge improvements just about daily! A great example is the growth and popularity of the smart phone. Now, the public can't live without mobile devices! The same growth happened with online business. It seems like a fight to the top on google search pages. Even if you get that coveted first page google slot, how does that convert into increased business? What can you do, that the competition isn't? Increase search results with virtual tours.

Virtual tours are a great opportunity for your customers to see how your business operates. However, virtual tours do so much more than just allow the customer to see your office space. It allows the business to add promotions and logos in a fashion that is easy for customer to take in. A picture can only go so far, a video provides an experience. It is also proven method to get a leg up on the competition. According to Pew Internet Life Study "A site with a 360 virtual tour and interactive media will receive 40% more views than a competitor’s site that is lacking...

Virtual Tours for Retirement Homes

Virtual Tours for Retirement Homes is an extremely effective tool for reaching people and creating interest while showcasing the best features of your facility. Individuals seeking retirement home options will be invited into an experience, not merely some informative pamphlets and pictures. Potential residents and their families will be able to see and "feel" the different areas and rooms both inside and outside of your facility with Virtual Tours.

Technology-Driven Market

Technology drives how people search and shop for everything today, from toothbrushes to vehicles - retirement homes are no different. Being able to reach potential residents where they are at is important; Virtual Tours afford families the luxury of touring the grounds from the convenience of their couch. Getting to potential customers is only part of the equation, however, what happens once they get to your business is just as important.


The feeling of being able to access the facility,...

Business Owners and Google work to make a Better Ecosystem

Business owners and Google have long worked together to create the most comprehensive business ecosystem in the world, only to be accelerated by the rise of smartphones and tablets. A business ecosystem works when search engines and small businesses come together to make both sides of the ecosystem work with one purpose.

Businesses use Google for a variety of purposes to index their business, make it available using Google Maps, and to use the Google My Business Services for their email and web needs, among other things. Most people do not know about another feature to enhance their business. Businesses are starting to use Google Street View Trusted with photographers and other professionals to take detailed photographs, shoot videos, and input other information for their business and place this information on the massive search engine to help business owners take their business to the next level.

With 97% of people using Google when searching out local services, it is more important than ever for small businesses to...

Vibrant Virtual Tours for Senior Living Communities

Help families discover everything your community has to offer with a vibrant virtual tour from Connects 360°. Stand out from other senior communities, and make your potential residents feel welcome before they ever visit in person.

While brochures or multiple clicks through your community’s website pages tell your potential residents about your facilities and the amenities offered, they must take the time to read through them. A vibrant virtual tour on your website immediately shows them everything you have to offer. A family views assisted living home sales materials several times together in making decisions best for their loved one to assure the best possible life and maximum comfort. Show them how your home does that with a professional 360° virtual tour.

Show the well-maintained, modern exterior of your facilities and welcome guests at your main entrance. Allow families to instantly interact with your lobby, kitchen and dining area, entertainment areas, shared living rooms, recreation spaces, library, garden and outdoor spaces, and a few model guest rooms...

Google Street View For Your Unique Business

In today's age of technology and saturated business markets, it is imperative that every available marketing tool be utilized in the effective promotion of business. The greater your online presence, the greater your exposure. It's a matter of simple facts: when searching for local businesses, 97% of people will search through Google, which is the largest search engine with over 100 billion searches per month. So how can you make Google work to your advantage? How can you set your business apart from your rivals?

With Google Street View Trusted it's easier than ever to catch the eye of tech-savvy consumers. Connecting your business to your community via Google is an efficient, tried and tested marketing strategy. Through the use of professional photography your business can be on display from the inside and out, helping customers become familiar with you prior to visiting.

This is possible by highlighting your business with photographs taken by Google Certified Photographers. These pictures are then used in tandem...

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We know that deciding to move from a family home to a retirement venue is one of the most sobering, complex, and life-changing decisions that is ever made. It's never easy to move to a new area, downsize, make new friends, and adjust to an entirely different manner of living. But Connects 360° has come up with a method to make this type of lifestyle transition much easier. We have found a way to allow your residential living facility to become understandable and familiar to your potential residents through the use of professional photography and high-quality virtual tours.

Your customers can watch, in the comfort of their homes, a well produced virtual tour of your residential setting which will allow customers, and their family members who may not have been aware of your facility, to see your rooms, open spaces, dining halls and more. Connects 360° is in the business of making professional 360-degree virtual tours for retirement homes, assisted living facilities, and nursing homes available by uploading them directly to...

Find Out The 4 Reasons Retirement Homes Need Virtual Tours

If you want to share the best aspects of your retirement home or assisted living center with the world, you need to showcase your facility's highlights with a virtual tour. Here are 4 reasons why your facility will enjoy greater success when professional photography goes high-tech and online:

1. Professional Polish: No doubt a facility has a vast collection of images and video clips taken by guests, residents and even staff. However, for this important marketing tool, professional polish is crucial. It is the first impression your facility will make with the majority of the public.

2. Exposure: Maximize exposure potential with an online virtual tour that is available 'round the clock from anywhere in the world. Even if your facility has an excellent website, active social media page and YouTube channel, a virtual tour creates even more exposure. By having a professionally produced 360° Virtual Tour placed directly with Google Search, Google Maps, a facility's Google Plus business page and embedding the tour into a website and social...

Brilliant Marketing Technique Virtual Tours for Retirement Homes

Deciding to move to an assisted care community or nursing home is a major decision, and potential residents and their families are looking for comfort, professionalism, friendliness, and reassurance. Our 360° Virtual Tours are the perfect tool for marketing your senior facility. By using a virtual tour to showcase the best features your facility has to offer, you are ensuring that seniors and their families feel confident and secure in their decision.

What are the benefits of virtual tours?

  • Make a great first impression
  • Improve exposure and make your website stand out from competitors’
  • Available 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, 365 days a year
  • Helpful for family or caregivers who may not live in the immediate area
  • Placed onto Google Search, Google Maps, and your Google+ Business Page
  • Available for viewing on all computers, smartphones, and tablets
  • Can be embedded to your website or Facebook page

A huge...

Virtual Tours for Retirement Homes Address Common Concerns

Choosing a retirement home is a stressful process for both the senior who is moving and their family. Rampant stories of poor living conditions and care-taking at facilities have left people apprehensive about this decision. A virtual tour of your retirement home gives you a competitive edge by directly eliminating many of the concerns of those embarking upon a search.

Although specific needs vary from one senior citizen to another, nearly everyone who is facing this life-changing decision shares certain concerns. The senior and their loved ones want to know that your facility is clean and sanitary. A virtual tour of resident bathrooms, your kitchen, and resident living areas puts their mind at ease on this subject.

Those seeking a retirement home also want to know that more than their physical needs will be met. They want social interactions and caring attitudes from the staff. Include photos or video of group activities, residents talking to each other or playing cards, and staff members caring for and interacting...

Virtual Tours vs. Videos for Senior Living Facilities

In this new age of high-tech living, it is not uncommon for people to base the entirety of their opinion of your business on what they can find online. That is why it is so important to have a strong online presence! And nothing speaks louder than a video or virtual tour of your business. So, what is the difference between a virtual tour vs. a video for your senior living facilities?


Videos are great marketing tools because they catch your audience’s attention far more than simple pictures. However, when done well, they are expensive and take a lot more time than you may wish or need. It can also be difficult to find a great production team to make the video the best quality you could want. But a well-done video can show all the highlights of your senior living facility, including interviews with current residents and your professional personnel.

Virtual Tour

A virtual tour is perfect for showing off your senior living facility to its best. It shows potential residents, and their family members, exactly what to...

Retirement Homes Can Keep Up With Technology with a Virtual Tour

With rapidly advancing online technology, and technology in general, retirement homes and other businesses are constantly trying to keep up and stay relevant to their potential customer base. Sometimes, in the middle of all the upgrades, managers may neglect key marketing tools that are relatively inexpensive compared to other marketing efforts.

For instance, retirement homes can keep up with technology and reach their customer base with a virtual tour placed on their Google business listing. A virtual tour of a retirement home is similar to Google Street View, allowing viewers to move around the entire facility, taking as much time as needed to inspect and view every detail.

This type of exposure is next level marketing; virtual tours on Google's search results give potential residents an inside look at where they're considering moving to. First impressions do matter when it comes to marketing, especially in the competitive market of retirement homes. Virtual tours give retirement homes the chance to showcase their premium environment and amenities to potential...

Top 5 Reasons to consider Google Street View Trusted

1. Get Discovered

Your Google virtual tour will appear in more than Google Maps, it will also be shown in organic Google search and on your Google+ Local page. Additionally, your virtual tour can also be embedded in your web pages and social media outlets such as Facebook. With four access points to your virtual tour (organic search, Google+, Google Maps, Pegman) it's nearly impossible for Google users to miss it!

2. Attract More Customers

97% of people search for local businesses before making a decision. Google Street View Trusted offers a significant advantage over your competitors by providing your potential customers that extra level of confidence by allowing them to see inside. It's a fact, images have a significant impact on a person's decision making when searching for local businesses. Supplying a virtual tour sets you apart from your competitors and provides an experience that's informative and entertaining.

3. Convert More Customers

Studies show that 59% of customers visit a business...

62% of people use Google


When searching for businesses online, 62% of people use Google.

Group of people chatting with coffee

What is Google Street View Trusted?

Street View Trusted, formerly known as Google Business View, is a tool for businesses to showcase their premises via a virtual tour hosted on the world's leading search engine.

This powerful platform allows businesses to show their ambiance, décor, and style to online users in a visually engaging manner.

The Street View Trusted Principles of Google

The photography is taken by independent local photographers who are trained and certified by Google as Google Trusted Photographer. The photos are subject to the Google quality assurance inspections to verify that the imagery and user experience is of a high standard.

Street View Trusted is hosted on Google through various products. It will display on:

Throughout the Google ecosystem, Street View Trusted is presented as "See Inside".

Integration within the Google sphere generates increased visibility which leads to increased engagement with clients, improved numbers in click-through rates to web pages, and increased...

Googles Virtual Tours will boost your ROI

Digital marketing is an entire world that can decisively contribute in enhancing sales in a myriad of ways. Virtual tours are just one of the ways that describe this world and as soon as you finish reading this article this should come as no surprise. Property sales can be broken into many pieces, which as a whole, explain the properties business, and virtual tours are one of these fundamental pieces. They are an accurate reflection of a location simply obtained through a sequence of images, which can significantly influence your business. But the relationship between both might not be crystal clear. Nonetheless, with the following advantages, we believe marketers will understand the importance of this new trend:

  • If a picture tells more than 1000 words, a virtual tour is a 1000 pictures. With high quality images, visitors can experience the facilities without having been there by “walking through” the property and not just “seeing through” like in the past. Decision-making is made easy with accurate information that describes properties and showcases...