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It seems like a fight to the top on google search pages. Even if you get that coveted first-page google slot, how does that convert into increased business? What can you do, that the competition isn't? Increase your search results with virtual tours.


Attract More Customers With Virtual Tours

Virtual tours offer a better view all around (pardon the pun). Users will know what to expect even before entering your store and have the opportunity to shop without even going if they so wish. You can get of all your products and why you may want to come in for a hands on connection with a virtual tour.

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Attract More Customers With Geofence Advertising and Marketing Services

You have a target audience and you know what they like and where they shop. So how do you target just that particular audience? Connects 360 has incorporated geofencing technology so you can ensure you are reaching the market segment that will yield you the most inquiries and customers.

Essentially, if you are not maximizing your digital marketing avenues, you are behind because, odds are, your customers are. Your competitor retailors are already using social media, email, and the internet, so don't miss this huge opportunity by sticking to more traditional marketing tactics.

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Attract More Customers With Direct Mail

Direct mail works for retail businesses, because direct mail is highly targeted. Store owners often send mailings to customers who are most likely to purchase their products, by distinguishing them by their gender, age, income, occupation or other characteristics. Send direct mail to current customers or target non-users who fall within your particular target group.

Connects 360 believes in taking a comprehensive approach to your senior living marketing. Our view is all-encompassing, a 360-degree view, in fact. We leverage all marketing avenues so you can be successful and help the most people. Get started today!

Tina D.

Annapolis, MD

Overall great experience, timely response, and incredible marketing! Willie and his team took care of all of the details. Thank you.

Glen M.

Rockville, M

I love working with Willie. He is always accessible whenever I have a question and he knows how to improve your online presence. I have noticed more traffic and I highly recommend Connects 360.

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