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Google Street View Trusted Lets Customers Visit in Their Pajamas

In the 1980's, people who wanted to compare prices on a product might have driven from store to store to check price-tags. If they were savvy, they might have sat with a yellow pages on their lap and called stores one-by-one.

They might also have had big hair and worn pantsuits.

Those days are gone. Today's customers expect to do most of their shopping online. They want the ability to visit your store in their pajamas. Google Street View Trusted helps them to achieve that goal. Google Street View Trusted makes the interior of your business part of the online landscape.

Being able to see the interior of a business can increase trust and drive sales. If you are a restaurant, bar or other social venue, customers can use Google Street View Trusted to see your space and confirm that it fits the needs of their next event. They can perform a virtual tour of your location and gain familiarity with your interior. Familiarity drives trust and trust encourages customers to add your business to their mental list of places that they might visit.

When you contact us to schedule your inclusion in Google Street View Trusted, we will send a Google-certified photographer who will photograph the interior of your business and create an immersive 360 degree walking tour that customers can access from Google Search, Google Street View, Google Maps, or your website.

Your customers want to visit your business in their pajamas; use Google Street View Trusted to make their dreams possible.

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