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Retirement Homes Can Keep Up With Technology with a Virtual Tour

With rapidly advancing online technology, and technology in general, retirement homes and other businesses are constantly trying to keep up and stay relevant to their potential customer base. Sometimes, in the middle of all the upgrades, managers may neglect key marketing tools that are relatively inexpensive compared to other marketing efforts. 

For instance, retirement homes can keep up with technology and reach their customer base with a virtual tour placed on their Google business listing. A virtual tour of a retirement home is similar to Google Street View, allowing viewers to move around the entire facility, taking as much time as needed to inspect and view every detail.

This type of exposure is next level marketing; virtual tours on Google's search results give potential residents an inside look at where they're considering moving to. First impressions do matter when it comes to marketing, especially in the competitive market of retirement homes. Virtual tours give retirement homes the chance to showcase their premium environment and amenities to potential residents in an interactive and effective way.

In addition to the marketing benefits, such as higher conversion rates, virtual tours will also assist the workload for the usually overburdened onboarding staff. With a virtual tour, quality website, Google business listing, and an effective automated marketing outreach, most of the questions potential residents have will be answered; this will encourage more on-premises tours, phone calls, and help decrease emails for flippant inquiries, while increasing the same for those who are nearly convinced. 

Creating a virtual tour is one of those small and relatively inexpensive marketing details that retirement homes, especially, will benefit from greatly. Giving potential residents the online tools needed to make an informed decision on their new home, is a good reason to keep up with technology by having a virtual tour. If interested in learning more please contact us today.

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