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Bring more personality to your business. Increase search results with virtual tours!

Technology makes huge improvements just about daily! A great example is the growth and popularity of the smart phone. Now, the public can't live without mobile devices! The same growth happened with online business. It seems like a fight to the top on google search pages. Even if you get that coveted first page google slot, how does that convert into increased business? What can you do, that the competition isn't? Increase search results with virtual tours.

Virtual tours are a great opportunity for your customers to see how your business operates. However, virtual tours do so much more than just allow the customer to see your office space. It allows the business to add promotions and logos in a fashion that is easy for customer to take in. A picture can only go so far, a video provides an experience. It is also proven method to get a leg up on the competition. According to Pew Internet Life Study "A site with a 360 virtual tour and interactive media will receive 40% more views than a competitor’s site that is lacking media." This is particularly evident in the hotel and travel industry according to GuestCentric. Virtual tours create a sense of transparency with the customer.

Adding virtual tours to your site is so beneficial to both you and the customer. The customer can see what your business is all about without leaving their home. This makes checking out your business low risk for them. In addition, these tours are great for google rankings. They encourage users to stay on the website for longer periods of time, thus decreasing the bounce rate. A low bounce rate translates to higher rankings on google. Virtual tours put your site on page one of google searches. This creates more clicks and an increase in search results.

Ready to take your site to the next step with virtual tours? Contact us at Connects 360°. We make it easy to add online media to your site, and help your business thrive!

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