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Google Street View Trusted

What is Google Street View Trusted?

Street View Trusted, formerly known as Google Business View, is a tool for businesses to showcase their premises via a virtual tour hosted on the world's leading search engine.

This powerful platform allows businesses to show their ambiance, décor, and style to online users in a visually engaging manner.

The Street View Trusted Principles of Google

The photography is taken by independent local photographers who are trained and certified by Google as Google Trusted Photographer. The photos are subject to the Google quality assurance inspections to verify that the imagery and user experience is of a high standard.

Street View Trusted is hosted on Google through various products. It will display on:

Throughout the Google ecosystem, Street View Trusted is presented as "See Inside".

Integration within the Google sphere generates increased visibility which leads to increased engagement with clients, improved numbers in click-through rates to web pages, and increased foot traffic into your business.

With photographs taken by a professional photographer to display on Google, your local search ranking will increase along with reviews written by your customers.

Innovative Marketing

A Google Virtual Tour offers a significant advantage over your competitors by providing your potential customers that extra level of confidence by allowing them to see inside your place of business. Your customer is looking for you and the product and service you offer.

Customers are always interested in knowing what you look like. They want to compare you with your competition before they leave their home or office.

Your business has a nice atmosphere which is an excellent selling point, therefore, you will naturally attract more clients who open See Inside. Raising the comfort level of the customer gives them a strong reason to drive to your location.

Studies show that 59% of customers visit a business within the same day of their search and 18% of local searches lead to a purchase within the same day.

Who Uses Street View Trusted

Those who view listings with a 360° Virtual Tour are twice as likely to be interested. Among 18-34 year olds in particular, 130% are more likely to visit your store based on a tour.

With over 100 billion searches per month, Google is ranked #1 for search. Ninety-seven percent of people use Google when searching for a local business.

67% of individuals want more business listings to offer a 360° Virtual Tour.

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