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Get Virtual Now To Be Seen!

Get Virtual Now To Be Seen!

Preparing For the New Digital Norm: Business after COVID-19

In an effort to curtail the global spread of COVID-19, medical experts have advised against non-essential activities, particularly ones with large gatherings. The world has responded by very rapidly ramping up the integration of digital applications in daily life. One such application, virtual touring, can play an essential role. The use of a virtual tour platform can attract an online customer base to ‘walk through’ a guided tour of a specific venue and review all provided amenities.

Virtual tours also provide prospective clients with a detailed look at businesses from the comfort of their own homes. The Connect 360 Virtual Tour creates a comprehensive experience, complete with audio and video features, labeling, navigation, and detailed photography. Witness the capabilities of a virtual tour for yourself.

Connects 360 provides a demo for review. Schedule a tour to view our service potential for your business. Take advantage of our ‘COVID-19’ assistance offer.

Direct-contact meetings continue to decrease and businesses are responding by moving toward virtual options. The integration of virtual tours with your company’s website and social media accounts can provide prospective clients with detailed insight to your facilities.

Visit our website for more information regarding our service and how it will build your customer base. For further details on virtual tours – click here.

COVID-19 EXCLUSIVE OFFER: Purchase a virtual tour by June 15, 2020 and receive a $250 discount off the regular $1,200 tour package which includes: 10 Panos / 5 Point-of-interest photos. Book your virtual tour for only $950 during the discount period.

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