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Virtual Tours for Retirement Homes: Providing First-Person Marketing

Virtual Tours for Retirement Homes: Providing First-Person Marketing

The retirement home you own may feel besieged lately with competitors who constantly come up with creative marketing ideas. Yet, how many of them provide virtual tours to their customers? Not all retirement homes have gone this route, and it's going to give you a marketing edge over competitors in your city.

While it might sound risky to create a virtual tour for those older, it's actually very simple to use. With automatic placement into Google search engines, those searching for retirement homes can find your tour directly in their search results. Through one click, they'll see your facility in a new way.

The question is, what kind of interactive experience should you create for your target audience?

A First-Personal Marketing Perspective

Those looking for retirement homes want to see reality rather than just rely on a few pictures and word-of-mouth. Older people and their families might not have ability to travel to your facility right away either.

By giving them a first-person tour, you're giving them a real-world view. Thanks to better camera technology, it's possible to provide 360-degree footage, as well as controlling what they see.

Being "virtual" also means more than just a virtual walk-around. It's really a multimedia experience adding other media elements.

Adding High-Definition Images and Videos

Most virtual tours or maps you've seen online usually apply still photos and videos into the entire presentation. This highlights certain details not otherwise translating well in a 360-degree landscape.

For instance, perhaps you want to showcase a little more detail about specific rooms or activities in your retirement home. A pop-up video can have a staff member explain these details so it's understandable to the viewer.

The same goes for still imagery to highlight details. Just be sure these are high-definition so you're not accused of hiding something.

Inviting Families in On the Tour

It helps to make your virtual tours accessible to the families of the prospective residents. Making them easily available on any mobile device lets busy family members view your facility while on the go.

For the retiree, they may prefer viewing the tour at home with their families. Being able to view this virtual tour together can become a gratifying process to save time in their collective search.

Offering every detail in your tour is essential so everything feels real. Don't forget to start in the outdoor area, then work your way to touring model rooms.

Contact us at Connects 360° so we can create a virtual tour for your retirement home that incorporates all the latest technology advancements.

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