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Considering Virtual Tours for Retirement Homes

We know that deciding to move from a family home to a retirement venue is one of the most sobering, complex, and life-changing decisions that is ever made. It's never easy to move to a new area, downsize, make new friends, and adjust to an entirely different manner of living. But Connects 360° has come up with a method to make this type of lifestyle transition much easier. We have found a way to allow your residential living facility to become understandable and familiar to your potential residents through the use of professional photography and high-quality virtual tours.

Your customers can watch, in the comfort of their homes, a well produced virtual tour of your residential setting which will allow customers, and their family members who may not have been aware of your facility, to see your rooms, open spaces, dining halls and more. Connects 360° is in the business of making professional 360-degree virtual tours for retirement homes, assisted living facilities, and nursing homes available by uploading them directly to Google search engines and your website. When your future residents begin to seek assisted living quarters, they will find your facility's information along with a virtual walk-through of your entire environment including your:

  • lobby

  • entertainment areas

  • dining area

  • living rooms

  • gym

  • pool

  • therapy rooms

  • outdoor activities

  • surrounding grounds

Our company makes these tours available on all computers, and mobile devices, such as smartphones, iPhones, and tablets.

We want to help your elder care business thrive and allow you to serve your guests in the best possible manner. With these tours, placed directly on Google Search, Google Maps, your facility's Google Plus business page, and embedded on your website and Facebook page, we believe those who need your services will find and understand your offerings. Got questions? We're here to answer them.

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