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Virtual Tours for Retirement Homes Address Common Concerns

Choosing a retirement home is a stressful process for both the senior who is moving and their family. Rampant stories of poor living conditions and care-taking at facilities have left people apprehensive about this decision. A virtual tour of your retirement home gives you a competitive edge by directly eliminating many of the concerns of those embarking upon a search. Although specific needs vary from one senior citizen to another, nearly everyone who is facing this life-changing decision shares certain concerns. The senior and their loved ones want to know that your facility is clean and sanitary. A virtual tour of resident bathrooms, your kitchen, and resident living areas puts their mind at ease on this subject. Those seeking a retirement home also want to know that more than their physical needs will be met. They want social interactions and caring attitudes from the staff. Include photos or video of group activities, residents talking to each other or playing cards, and staff members caring for and interacting with residents and you have addressed this concern. Showcase extras like therapy sessions, a pool or other resources for physical activity, and outdoor gardens or other landscaping that can be enjoyed by residents to show why your facility stands out from the rest. Your virtual tour can include anything from landscaping and your lobby through areas of your choice and through to the back of your property if you desire. Virtual tours are an excellent way to assuage the fears of people searching for a new home for themselves or a loved one. Seniors and their loved ones can calm their fears by seeing for themselves the environment in which they would be living without traveling to your facility. We will place your virtual tour right into the Google search engine and it will be accessible from any device -- iPad, mobile, iPhone, tablet, laptop, PC, and more. You can even embed your tour on your website and upload it to your Facebook page. See an example of what we can do for you or contact us here.

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