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Better Business Exposure with Google

In today's age of technology and saturated business markets, it is imperative that every available marketing tool be utilized in the effective promotion of business. The greater your online presence, the greater your exposure. It's a matter of simple facts: when searching for local businesses, 97% of people will search through Google, which is the largest search engine with over 100 billion searches per month. So how can you make Google work to your advantage? How can you set your business apart from your rivals?

With Google Street View Trusted it's easier than ever to catch the eye of tech-savvy consumers. Connecting your business to your community via Google is an efficient, tried and tested marketing strategy. Through the use of professional photography your business can be on display from the inside and out, helping customers become familiar with you prior to visiting.

This is possible by highlighting your business with photographs taken by Google Certified Photographers. These pictures are then used in tandem with the patented 360 virtual walking tour. This fabulous innovation allows potential customers to tour your business from the comfort of their homes. This feature, showing off your premises, also links to your web page and social media links, turning online visits into in-store visits.

With Google My Business services your most relevant information is integrated into Google Search, Google+, and Google Maps, resulting in wider reach and greater consumer engagement. A website and Facebook page may work for some, but these basic platforms do not compare to Google's optimized search. Watch your business grow with the help of Connects Marketing and Google Street View Trusted. Be sure to contact us when you're ready to take the next major step in your marketing.

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