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The most laser-focused advertising tool to capture people on the move

Create ad fences to capture your biggest fans everywhere - on their mobile devices, at your competitors, at events, or at home



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Geofencing Marketing Provides Location-Based Advertising On Smart Devices

What you will receive with every campaign*


  • We can use your ads and landing pages or we can

  • Offer expert planning to create offers, establish a call to action, and define metrics for success

  • Development of a landing page to attract your customers, capture their data and measure analytics

  • Professionally develop copy and design for both your multiple ad campaign set and landing pages

  • Define your target customer with geographies, zip codes, address lists, demographics, lifestyle, and behaviors

  • Setting up the locations based on where your customers are actively engaged, shopping, participating in an event or activity, and more

  • Accurate targeting utilizing the most advanced technology in the industry

  • Access to your dashboard where you can view campaign results

  • View results for actions, including Impressions, CPM, Clicks, CTR, CPC, Walk-Ins, CPA, and spend

  • Measure effectiveness month-over-month with recommendations for improvement

*Based on a minimum 3-month campaign

Pin-Point Accurate Advertising To Reach Your Best Customers

How Geofencing Advertising Works

  • We have access to hundreds of thousands of websites and apps where advertising is utilized - gaming, weather, lifestyle, news sites, and more

  • We create advertisements based on ad sizes for mobile and smart devices

  • A virtual boundary is created around a designated location during specific times, days and activities

  • When someone enters the virtual geo-fence they become part of the advertiser’s audience and are served up one or more ads

  • To create more impressions and a larger impact, we will retarget the same customer for up to one month after the customer has left the geo-fence


How can I validate that customers have entered the geo-fence and have seen my ad?

Our geofencing technology tracks ad views and determines when users walk into your store. Through the use of conversion zones, geofencing marketing tracks your online advertising to offline conversions. This means you’ll be able to see who walked in your store as a result of viewing your ad.

You can know, without a doubt, that geofencing is producing customers.

How can geofencing support my existing customers and campaigns?

Utilize your existing customer address lists and target up to 1M residential commercial locations with addressable geofencing!

Support your direct mail campaigns with geo-fencing and and experience better results. Ask us about our existing customer results.

Create in-store traffic and improved sales lift for time-sensitive offers when people are shopping near your store. Utilize the same demographic characteristics to attract new customers.  


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Ronald G.

Liberty, MO

The Connects 360 team has been a great asset for a variety of marketing needs from virtual tours, geofence advertising to social media management.

Andrea P.

Bethesda, MD

We're so happy we hired Connects 360. They consistently bring comprehensive marketing strategies and execution that help us reach our goals. They have knowledgeable experienced talent which is wonderful to collaborate with and we highly recommend Willie and his team.

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