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A couple on their wedding kiss inside of an elegant venue.
Made for Events and Venues

Made For Events and Venues

When it comes to booking event spaces, a significant 67% of the buyers’ journey takes place digitally. This means that if you fail to promote your venue online, you stand to lose over half of your chances of booking and growing your business.


Attract More Patrons

If you are wondering how to develop the correct digital marketing for event venues, Connects 360 LLC has the solution for you. Below, we highlight the various forms of online event marketing you can take and how to make them practical for your venue or hotel anywhere in the US.y!

With Virtual Tours and Photography

In the event and venue space, virtual tours have been gaining popularity over recent months. The reason why is that they provide a site visit approximation, letting you, as the event planner, have a visual interpretation of the space you look forward to setting up, hosting your guests, and carrying out the event.

Virtual tours are informational in that you get a better space visualization than videos or photos could afford. However, the videos and photos may still be incorporated into your tour as secondary media.

A villa with a swmming pool overlooks scenic countryside.


Geofence Marketing

As an event venue, you have the ability to incorporate geofence advertising into your marketing efforts. It's likely that you know your surrounding community well and are aware of the people that you would like to target your advertising efforts towards. Use geofence advertising to get specific about the areas you are targeting and attract people that you know ill be interested in your event venue.

Photo of an event venue showing off an elegantly-decorated space.
An intimate concert hall set up for a performance.

Marketing Services

Digital marketing incorporate everything that you need to be successful as an event venue including social media management, paid advertising, SEO, a beautiful and functional website, and much more. We can help with it all. When people are searching for an event venue, all of those things matter. You need them to find you on Google (either through paid advertising or organic search), browse through your up-to-date social pages, and then visit your beautiful website. All of these items together are ultimately going to result in successful marketing for your event venue.

Direct Mail

Direct mail is among the most efficient means of advertising. It has consistently outperformed digital avenues significantly in some instances. Though the digital space offers important customer interaction platforms, physical media is more suitable for closing the gap between communication and action.

A professionaly-catered dining table ready for attendees.
A woman sits at a desk in her office.

Kenny M.

Potomac, MD

Connects 360 did a commendable job with our marketing and I have started getting google enquiries and sales. I came to them with one request and they saw the whole picture and improved my overall marketing plan with all of there services.

Danielle G.

Kensington, MD

Connects 360 created our virtual tour & we found them to be knowledgeable & very customer-focused. The end result was impressive & we are using them further to develop our other outbound marketing campaigns. We would recommend them without hesitation.

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