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Willie Brennan is a pioneer in website, e-commerce, interactive content, and virtual tour solutions. His work has helped hundreds of customers streamline their efforts, gain better control of their brands, and increase revenue.

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William is a thoughtful project manager who works with diverse teams and big brand agencies throughout his career. He understands all things digital, and has worked with a broad range of technologies to grow sales for mid-market companies, service providers, non-profits and retailers.

His strategic planning combined with the development of new sales systems helped expedite sales for retailers, such as Pandora, and international non-profits such as Habitat for Humanity.

William's expertise and implementation of complex sales systems consistently results in improved customer acquisition for all his customers. His consultative approach and strategic prowess remove barriers to success and the burdens associated with new initiatives with multiple locations, suppliers and partners.

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Accomplishments with national and multi-brand customers

  • Solved technology and integration hurdles for multinational brands
  • Over 20 years delivering solid financial results
  • An SaaS provider with delivery models and big data integrations
  • Developed automated workflows that decrease the production cycle
  • Created a turn-key web-to-print solution with 95% Franchise user success rate, and over 3,000 stores engaged
  • 75 Custom, hybrid and standard web to print portals to customize that allow local stores and affiliates the ability to the brands collateral, signage, and direct marketing purposes
  • Solutions reduced the time to market and investments associated with complex and bespoke web solutions. Financial accountability is at the forefront of all efforts
  • Created new fund-raising and distribution channels for long-term financial sustainability within the non-profit sector.
  • Developed new fund-raising systems for end-user engagement, loyalty, and sales conversion
  • Recognized by INC 5000 fastest growing companies

James H - Annapolis, MD

The Connects 360 interactive virtual tour is the best marketing application in my 30 years of marketing. Our owner-residents love it!


Doug A - Excelsior, MN

Despite Covid-19, having virtual tours to showcase each of our 20 locations to help seniors decide on a safe, secure living environment has kept our business going.


Tom C - Silver Spring, MD

Willie's attention to detail is legendary. His organization skills are unmatched. And, he always puts his ladder against the right wall. This visionary leader saw the Internet's applications for business and did something about it when many in business were still trying to figure out how to use bookmarks with their browser. Willie does what he says he's going to do. You can always count on him.

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