Connect360 is a customer-centric marketing agency that partners with mid-market service providers, retailers, and public agencies for customer acquisition and growth strategies.

We use leading-edge marketing and advertising services and deliver these services with breath-taking speed, which is critical for larger organizations with many locations.

Through decades of experience, we have simplified the process to acquire and attract the right kind of customers for clients just like you. We are an Saas service provider who...


Advancing the market

Recent Developments include our world-class 360 Interactive Virtual Tour Program. As an authority on this technology, our systems are unparalleled in the industry:

  • Google Street View Trusted Agency
  • Network of 300+ photographers and growing
  • Published over 250 businesses Virtual Tours and growing

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A few of our top customers

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Meet our team


Willie Brennan

Strategic Director


Kristin Kodenski

Design and Social Expert


Jay Stearns

World Class Photographer

What you can expect working with us:

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  • You can be certain that all our efforts will add value to all the teams involved in your project(s) - from senior administration and operations to sales and marketing. We understand the impacts at every level and are comfortable in this role
  • Ease of use for all our products and services. We will help you establish all the requirements necessary to accomplish your goals
  • Superior human interface systems that are fully integrated within our marketing stack
  • We take the time to understand your entire ecosystem of purchasing, adoption, and loyalty - one person at a time
  • Working within complex sales systems for organizations with a large sales force, multiple dealers, and/or affiliates is our specialty
  • You can rely on our expertise in planning and project management moxie to deploy next-generation tools.
  • Deep experience in strategic planning and implementation to provide direction when it's needed

An expert partner with the right tools to deliver financial success


James H - Annapolis, MD

The Connects 360 interactive virtual tour is the best marketing application in my 30 years of marketing. Our owner-residents love it!


Doug A - Excelsior, MN

Despite Covid-19, having virtual tours to showcase each of our 20 locations to help seniors decide on a safe, secure living environment has kept our business going.


Tom C - Silver Spring, MD

Willie's attention to detail is legendary. His organization skills are unmatched. And, he always puts his ladder against the right wall. This visionary leader saw the Internet's applications for business and did something about it when many in business were still trying to figure out how to use bookmarks with their browser. Willie does what he says he's going to do. You can always count on him.

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